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Creative - Strategist - Commercial Storyteller

Background and Experience

I began working in social media and brand development in 2016 with a small startup in Sarasota Florida. From there I branched out into the entertainment industry, working in concert promotions, booking management, and social media marketing. After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree focusing on entertainment business, I began working with larger clientele to elevate and modernize their brands for platforms like TikTok and Youtube. 

Recently, I have begun to focus on clients looking to optimize their marketing for discovery based platforms like TikTok. My work focuses strategic charactierization and storytelling to develop devoted and captivated audiences. 

Clientele Sample

Skills and Experience

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Management and Project Coordination

Having worked for over 10 years in the entertainment industry, I've learned to manage many moving pieces and parts. 

Social media requires a pristine organization of assets and strategies for effective implementation. Personally, I work in Notion to build custom project management systems to maximize productivity and organization.

Strategy and Brand Development 

When I started my first band in high school, I became fascinated with brand development. Since then I've worked with several companies, artists, and small businesses to create a strong foundation for their brand and marketing. 

I have worked with brands in all stages of development as a consultant and as an in-house strategist. 

Event Marketing and Promotions

Live performance marketing is almost exclusively event promotions. I've worked in nearly every role from the promoter, producer, and event coordinator. 

I've worked with many clients in education to help promote and market their workshops and courses. As a Booking Manger (The Reserve Retreat) I managed the promotions of these events as well. 

Writing: Long-form and Short-form

My first published work was an essay on the Transcontinental Railroad in grade school. From there I went on to write plays for Florida Studio Theatres and was eventually published in the Washington Post for my opinion piece surrounding protests at Berklee. 

Since then I have written scores of blogs for various clients. I also specialize in CTA captioning for social media content and writing press releases. 

Commercial Storytelling 

Many brands are learning the hard way that today's audiences are burnt out on advertisements. No one wants to be sold to anymore, and brands need to learn how to adapt. 

Audiences want to care about the brands they follow. This requires masterful storytelling expertly crafted with trending topics and conversations. As an entertainer, I learned how to be an expert storyteller. As the market changes, companies need to find creative ways to personify their online presence and foster para-social brand development.  By inviting the audience to be part of your story, they become personally attached to it. 

TikTok Strategy 

TikTok is rapidly changing the way social media is consumed. This platform is fueled by the Gen-Z side of the internet, a niche-oriented market that moves very fast. For many brands, TikTok is an intimidating endeavor. 

As a creative, my strategies thrive in short-form video content. Thanks to my razor-sharp pattern recognition, I am able to see trends before they round the corner. My ability to generate ideas significantly faster than most allows me to keep up with the demanding content output required for growth on TikTok. 


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Asset and Analytics Portfiolio 

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