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“She pays reference to herself as ‘a small girl with a big voice’; that feels like the biggest understatement of the century. It’s clear that SKY didn’t suppress the emotions which she poured into her performance, she carries a personality to her soaring vocal style which makes her sound organic, textured and quite frankly stunning.”

-AnR Factory

Growing up in the halls of an opera house, SKY was engulfed in the theatre world at a young age. She remained there from age nine until she graduated high school. As she explored music as a career, she fell in love with theatrical rock artists such as Queen, Meatloaf and Rush. As well as innovative jazz and contemporary artists. 

When developing her voice as an artist realized her opera roots laid the foundation for a new fusion genre, unique to her and her story. Popera has become not only a fusion genre, but a unique space in the market to set her and her sound apart from the noise of the industry. 

SKY realized there was so much more to the industry than just being an artist. She stumbling upon a deep passion for business within the industry. Viewing her own brand as a powerful business tool. 

These dual traits have created a unique brand that is SKY, a powerful woman defining and changing the industry with every step. 

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